Wherever you want to start a new company registration or ASIC registered agent business, or you just want to dramatically improve your existing one, we can help you achieve this. As ASIC software providers, system integrator and BPM, we have an extensive knowledge and experience working with all ASIC systems, integrating them into your existing infrastructure or build custom tailored solutions specifically designed for your business, aiming to optimise all aspects of your workflow, business processes and overall performance.

Our ASIC API suite is carefully designed and built, to help you maximise your ROI. We’ve achieved this by streamlining and simplifying the entire process, making sure that security, privacy and speed are at the highest levels possible.

ASIC ECR API – Electronic Company Registration (ECR) is a service that allows direct access to the ASIC registers. Using out API, you can register companies, reserve company names online and make payment by direct debit.

ASIC EDGE API – ASIC’s Electronic Lodgement Service (EDGE) is a service that allows Registered Agents to lodge various documents online, on behalf of their clients, for register changes or agent services.

Company Registration API – forms 201 and 410
ASIC Register Changes API – forms 205A, 370, 410B, 410F, 484, 485, 489, 490, 492, 902 and 6010
ASIC Agent Services API – forms 361, 362, RA17, RA61, RA63, RA65, RA67 and RA71
ASIC Generated Messages APIs – form 480 – Annual Statement, INV, RC05 – Correspondence, RC09 – Invoice Statement