myPtyLtd is a platform that is not only easy to use but also very intuitive and highly intelligent. myPtyLtd provides professional and retail customers with a highly efficient platform for 24/7 online company registration, as well as company name reservations, business name registrations and business name renewals.

Our simple to use online company registration form provides active data validation to help ensure success with every application. Giving you the EGDE for managing your ASIC company compliance and requirements with highly secure and encrypted management systems and platforms.

Do you know you can register a company in less than 5 minutes?

For a company with a standard and simple structure, you can finalise the form in less than 2 minutes. After the payment is confirmed, our platform will automatically submit your application to ASIC 24/7, an electronic equivalent of the 201 form, and usually in less than 5 minutes (if your application doesn’t trigger a manual review), the company will be registered and we will send you the links for your certificate of registration and company documents.

We are ASIC software provider and ASIC registered agent, and our systems are fully integrated with ASIC via EDGE. We’re passionate about everything that we do and we guarantee you that we will do our best to get an outstanding quality of service 24/7. Start your new business today with myPtyLtd!