SCGlobal Corporate is a business division of Southern Cross Global Consulting Pty. Ltd., one of Australia’s most innovative software providers. With more than 15 years of experience, ultra-secure infrastructure and cutting-EGDE innovations built into SCGlobal Corporate core platform, there is no better way to register or maintain a company.

For a single user through to professional management systems, SCGlobal Corporate can be tailored to support the ever-changing compliance and regulatory obligations of the corporate services industry.

SCGlobal Corporate Pro, the flagship of our division, is featuring advanced custom RESTful Web APIs for:

– Business Names registration and renewal
– ABN and AUSkey registration
– Tax role registration (GST – Goods and services tax, PAYG – Pay as you go withholding, FTC – Fuel tax credit, LCT – Luxury car tax, WET – Wine equalisation tax and FBT – Fringe benefits tax)

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